48 HOUR SALE! 20% OFF PBT Easy Digital Retouch Actions
(22 actions) for Photoshop CS4-CC 
$40 $32


30 actions! Including: (please note that not all actions are listed here.) 


Perfect Skin: create that lovely soft skin look while keeping important details sharp.
Whiten Teeth: nobody wants yellowed or dark teeth, play "digital dentist" to create that perfect smile.
Lovely Eyes: create sharp, glossy eyes that pull the viewer right into the image.
Blemish eraser: take away unwanted blemishes, moles, and scars without hassle. 

Skin tone repair: No more color casts on skin! Easily remedy the situation with these skin tone actions. 

Rosey Cheeks: No time for makeup before the shoot? Do it in post processing!

Shadow fill: Leave your flash at home? This action will help lighten those unwanted shadows.

​Pro-Sharpen: Give your photos that extra pop with this sharpening action.

Color pop: Make your image stand out with more color depth.
​Glamourize: Creates that hollywood glamour look
Mascara: darken and refine those lashes to make the eyes pop even more. 

Drama Queen: increases contrast and adds a vignette 

Light and Breezy: creates an ethereal look

Dark and moody: creates more muted colors and darker tones





Check out our Tutorials 


 How to load and apply our retouch actions 



8x10 Collage Template Bundle
PSD files 
6 collage templates 


Make your images stand out by offering collages/storyboards to clients, using on your blog or website, or for digital scrapbooking. These collages make it simple to just drag and drop your images. *PSD files are sized for print and may need resized for web use.* 




10X20 Collage Template Bundle
PSD files 
2 collage templates 







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