Fall Mini sessions + announcements

Just a quick update, now that I am FINALLY caught up on all of the fall sessions, I am moving on to finishing up the Christmas mini's this weekend! I will be sending the links to your photos sometime within the next week or so.

I will also have Christmas card templates ready to choose from if anyone wants to purchase cards in addition to their mini. They will be $40/ per 25 cards with envelopes. Everyone who did the fall mini's should have received a link to download their images already.

One more quick announcement: I have been asked by several recently if we are still accepting Christmas minis, and the answer is yes, HOWEVER they are not the discounted minis. The discounted minis with digital negatives were only open for November 2nd. I WILL be taking regular Christmas mini sessions however, until the end of the month. Prices for regular sessions are listed on the Portrait investment page on the website. If you haven't yet, you'll need to book VERY soon though because both November and December are nearly full now. Thank you again for such a great year!


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