Modern Newborn Photography

This year we have had more newborn clients than ever before at the studio. I have to admit, I enjoy every moment of it. Not just creating beautiful imagery for new moms and dads, but the entire experience. It can be a lot of work, but I love cuddling babies and giving parents a few hours of relaxation while I take over. There is something theraputic about slowly posing the little ones while watching them sleep so soundly. Listening to cute little newborn squeaks, watching the smiles and scrunchy faces they make while dreaming away... It definitely helps alleviate my own baby fever too! Although, sometimes it does the opposite and just makes me want another. I think 3 kids are enough for me though so I will just continue to cherish the time I get with these littles and then give them back to mom when they poo. Haha! ;) We've got about 6 more newborns coming in that are due before the end of the year, so until then I will leave you with these sweet faces.

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